Sensor Reduces Foam Spillage at UK Manufacturing Plant

July 17, 2013
Monarch Chemicals of Sheerness, Kent, UK has reduced its use of anti-foam chemicals & eliminated spillage

The Charis SmartFoam System is available throughout the world as an OEM component or as a stand-alone sensor, delivered directly to the customer. It was initially developed for the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry Sales Director Steve Gallagher, soon recognized its value in effluent treatments and other industrial processes such as paper manufacturing, veterinary products, chemical production and food processing.

Foam occurring naturally during many production processes blocks filters and overflows, causing a mess and safety hazard, which results in downtime. Dosing with anti-foam reduces the problem, but without a reliable foam sensor many companies resort to constant dosage, which can often add up to overdose. The Charis SmartFoam System, with patented IMA Sensing technology, offers continuous monitoring to ensure optimum use of anti-foam.

Monarch Chemicals of Sheerness, Kent, UK is a chemical distribution and toll manufacturing company. The company is proud of its ISO status and is a member of the Trade Association Responsible Care Programme. Disposal of residues from its chemical production is also subject to Southern Water’s regulations.

“Our search for a solution to the problem of costly foam spillages during waste water treatment led us to WMEC Ltd., who designed and developed a fully automatic break tank system with computer controlled dosing and pumping, activating dosage of antifoam chemicals only when necessary,” said Projects Manager Trevor Goddard. “We asked them to incorporate a Charis SmartFoam sensor into the bespoke system.’

Gallagher was able to customize the sensor to respond to the new computer-controlled system, supplying it to WMEC as an OEM component.

Ken Hiscock, MD, WMEC, was delighted with the performance: “I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to our clients throughout the world.”

“As with many simple ideas, it is relatively easy to tailor the sensor to an individual client’s needs. It can also be incorporated into other manufacturers’ systems, offering an intelligent solution to foam control,” Gallagher said.

“Since installing the Charis Foam Control System six months ago, our usage of anti-foam chemicals has drastically reduced and foam spillages are non-existent. We are confident that the system is monitoring our wastewater 24/7,” says Trevor Goddard.

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