World Energy Council’s China Intl. Summit Opens

April 25, 2013

World Energy Council hosts summit in Beijing to assess ambitions of new Chinese government

The World Energy Council’s (WEC) China Intl. Summit opens today in Beijing to explore the long-term energy options facing the country’s new government.

The one-day closed summit will be one of the most important international energy events to be held in China since the leadership transition. National and international experts will discuss the choices facing China as it continues to experience the world’s fastest growing and biggest energy demand.

Today’s Summit will draw on the WEC’s wealth of knowledge, including its flagship studies on energy policy, scenarios and resources, to examine China’s energy future.

The meeting will also act as a prelude to major sessions at the World Energy Congress, the world’s premier energy gathering, which is due to take place October 14 to 17 in Daegu, South Korea. The Chinese government and industry have already committed to sending one of the largest delegations to the Congress, which will host up to 5,000 delegates from around the world.

The China International Summit, will be co-hosted by Zhang Guobao, chairman of the China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Assn., and Pierre Gadonneix, chairman of the WEC. The event will be addressed Cho Hwan-eik, chair of the Organizing Committee of the 2013 World Energy Congress and CEO of the Korea Electric Power Corp.

Topics on the China summit agenda include an overview of world energy issues, the challenge of balancing energy demand with environmental concerns such as water needs and greenhouse gas emissions, the future of renewables and unconventional gas and the potential leadership role for China in global energy governance.

The World Energy Council’s China Intl. Summit will hear from Chinese government representatives, leading Chinese universities and institutions such as the National Development Reform Commission’s think tank, the Energy Research Institute; the State Grid Corp. of China; Chinese and China-based private sector; senior executives from utility and natural gas companies such as CLP Group, one of the leading power companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Korea Electric Power Corp., GDF Suez and Hess Corp. will also be among those present.

Source: World Energy Council