RACO Added to Rockwell Automation IAB

April 17, 2013
Verbatim Gateway is the only alarm notification & reporting system included in Rockwell’s IAB

RACO Mfg. and Eng. Co. announced that its Verbatim Gateway is included in Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB). An alarm monitoring product for PLCs and HMI/SCADA systems, Verbatim Gateway has the distinct honor of being the only alarm monitoring system included in the IAB tool.

Rockwell Automation’s IAB is a graphical software product within Rockwell’s suite of system configuration tools. The IAB is a tool for configuring Logix-based automation systems, assisting systems integrators in selecting hardware and generating bills of material for a wide variety of applications that include controllers, I/O, networks, drives, cabling and wiring, motion control and many other devices. With its inclusion in the IAB tool, systems integrators can now find Verbatim Gateway alarm notification and reporting system products to implement with their system.

“Verbatim Gateway’s inclusion in Rockwell’s IAB speaks to the value and reputation of this alarm notification solution,” said James Brown, vice president of sales and marketing for RACO. “We see this as another value-added service we’re offering our customers and systems integrators, making it easier than ever to configure RACO products with Rockwell’s PLCs.”

Source: RACO

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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