Bio-Microbics Introduces Kenya Distributor

April 15, 2013
Environment-friendly wastewater treatment solutions now available in the Kenya water & wastewater markets

Bio-Microbics Inc., a global manufacturer of decentralized wastewater, water and stormwater treatment technologies, has announced Bio-Microbics Kenya for its on-site wastewater treatment products and accessories. Bio-Microbics Kenya will represent Bio-Microbics Inc. and the residential and commercial decentralized wastewater industry in the manner that meets the company’s standards and to focus on addressing Kenya’s most challenging water issues.

Bio-Microbics Kenya will focus on industries relating to residential construction, multi-family/small communities, villages, commercial properties for sewage treatment; municipal storm water systems; as well as marine sanitation applications; water treatment, and service maintenance in the Kenya market. our favorable status for on-site treatment systems.

Bio-Microbics Kenya will conduct training workshops for its FAST advanced wastewater treatment systems and BioBarrier Membrane BioReactor technologies to better educate about best management practices. For high strength sewage treatment plants using decentralized systems, such as the MyFAST, are recognized as lower cost alternatives and more energy-efficient for commercial properties, small communities and villages.

Bio-Microbics Kenya will attend the upcoming Kenya National Water Expo, which takes place Sept. 5 to 7, 2013, sponsored by the Naivasha East & Karati Water Assn. Publishers. 

Source: Bio-Microbics

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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