WesTech Relaunching Microfloc, General Filter Brands

Jan. 7, 2013
Company acquired the product lines in September 2012

WesTech Eng. Inc. is reintroducing the Microfloc and General Filter brands to the municipal water treatment market.

“The Microfloc and General Filter brands are extraordinarily well-recognized in the industry and enjoy tremendous customer loyalty,” said Steve Brewster, CEO of WesTech Eng. “We believe that reintroducing these brands will cement WesTech as a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial and municipal water treatment equipment.”

WesTech acquired the product lines in September 2012. The product lines will continue to operate largely from their facilities in Ames, Iowa.

General Filter was founded in 1935 in Ames, Iowa. General Filter has a long history, beginning with the invention of the Atomerator system—a way of introducing oxygen into a process stream without breaking system pressure. General Filter became an industry presence among all varieties of manufactured water treatment equipment including pressure filters, clarifiers and aerators. General Filter products include the Multicell common-underdrain filter system, the Aeralater package treatment system, Laser Shield direct-retention underdrain caps, and the Multiwash backwash system.

Microfloc was founded in 1961 by engineers who developed a method for electronic control of coagulation chemical addition. Microfloc continued to create in the ensuing years, developing the mixed media filter bed, the first commercially viable tube settler and the upflow Adsorption Clarifier System. Microfloc continues in the industry with the Trident HS system.

“These brands will be welcomed back by the many people who understand them to represent high-quality equipment,” said Les Uhlmeyer, business unit leader for the Microfloc and General Filter product lines. “This will lend tremendous credibility to WesTech as a whole.”

Source: WesTech Eng.

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.