Chris Miller to Speak in Department of Energy Webcast

Aug. 14, 2012
Miller to address industry engineers and marketing leaders on best public relations practices in the energy industry
Chris Miller, marketing manager for Ecologix Environmental Systems, will be a featured presenter in the United States Department of Energy’s webcast entitled “Public Relations Aspect of Energy Efficiency Projects” on Aug. 14, 2012. The presentation will focus on the key components of a successful energy-centric public relations program. Miller will offer his perspective on evaluating public audiences and meeting the needs of each audience through appropriate PR messaging. “The forces driving the PR messaging in our industry are completely at odds with one another,” says Miller. “Our job is to strike a delicate balance with messages that serve oil and gas companies, environmental groups and the public equally.” Miller will also expand on numerous methods for delivering messaging and merchandising results to maximize their value. In addition, he will discuss metrics for measuring the success of an energy-focused PR program. Co-presenting with Miller will be Lisa Calhoun, CEO of Atlanta-based PR firm Write2Market and Robert Shively, CEO of Metadigm Services.

Source: Ecologix