EXO Breaks the Sonde Barrier

March 16, 2012
Advanced water-quality monitoring instruments for demanding environments
  • YSI has used its long experience in water-quality monitoring to develop the ultimate multiparameter sondes for challenging marine and freshwater conditions.
  • Users can choose the new EXO1 sonde, with ports for four sensors, or the new EXO2 sonde, with six ports and a central anti-fouling wiper.
  • Parameters include: temperature, conductivity, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, total algae (blue-green algae and chlorophyll), turbidity, and fDOM, plus four calculated parameters.
  • Key Benefits
  • -CTD plus 3-5 additional sensors in one small package;
  • -High-accuracy sensors with on-board memory;
  • -Wireless communications; and
  • -Seamless integration into marine, estuarine, freshwater and ground water monitoring systems.
  • Smart Sondes and Sensors
  • “EXO was designed to be extremely versatile, allowing the user to configure a sonde for different applications in minutes. The key to this versatility is the smart sensors and smart ports,” explains Rob Ellison, YSI director of R&D. “Each smart port is identical and automatically recognizes any EXO sensor so sensor payloads are designed by the user.”
  • Monitor without Interruption
  • -No matter which EXO sensors users select, other features of the sensors’ design make them rugged and durable:
  • -Wet-mateable connectors resist corrosion.
  • -Isolated components prevent short circuits.
  • -Welded housings and double o-rings prevent leaks.
  • -High-impact plastic and titanium resists breaking.
  • -Built-in antifouling systems protect data integrity.
  • -Low power consumption extends underwater deployments.

For long-term monitoring programs, the data collected by EXO sensors are compatible with historic data from YSI 6-Series sensors, helping users to maintain a consistent record of measurements.

  • Accuracy
  • EXO sensors and sondes are tested in a variety of rigorous field conditions as well as lab conditions to ensure accuracy and response times.
  • “With YSI's focus on building monitoring systems for natural environments, our sensor specifications are based on the entire range of environmental extremes that a system could encounter in nature. Sensors have fast response times for profiling and sampling and a depth rating of 250 meters,” notes EXO Product Manager Tim Finegan.
  • Also, a new metrology system specifically for EXO offers improved accuracy of conductivity and temperature sensors to better address oceanographic challenges.
  • Applications
  • -Long-term continuous monitoring;
  • -Vertical profiling;
  • -Underway monitoring;
  • -Integration into remote monitoring platforms;
  • -Source Water monitoring;
  • -Ground Water monitoring;
  • -Stormwater monitoring;
  • -Dredging;
  • -Spot sampling; and
  • -Stand-alone sensors.
  • Accessories
  • -Enhanced KOR interface software;
  • -Handheld display; and
  • -Multiple data output options, including DCP, USB, and Bluetooth wireless communication.

Source: YSI

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