Datamatic and Fluid Conservation Systems Announce Partnership

Jan. 25, 2008
Advanced AMR platforms will integrate sophisticated leak detection

Datamatic, Ltd., a supplier of flexible data collection solutions, and Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) have announced a partnership to integrate their technologies for distribution to the United States and international water utilities markets.

Datamatic has completed development of a comprehensive acoustic leak detection solution that integrates FCS’s Permalog leak noise sensors into its Mosaic mesh network, Roadrunner Mobile and handheld data collection platforms. Deployment of 500 Permalog units that are read via Roadrunner Mobile at a joint customer site was completed in January.

“Partnering with FCS was a natural fit,” said Ken Kercher, CEO of Datamatic. “Their market leadership and strong technology contribute to our ongoing effort to increase the value we deliver to our customers. We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to leverage existing investments toward ultimately helping our customers measure and account for every gallon of water running through their systems.”

“Leaks that don’t force visible water to the surface can continue for a long time without being noticed,” Datamatic Business Development Manager Rich Sanders noted. “In fact, a single 8-gpm leak will waste more than 4 million gal in a year. Resource-strapped communities just can’t afford to waste that much water. And small leaks that stay hidden eventually become big leaks. They can cause main breaks, sinkholes, flooding and serious disruptions in and around the areas where they occur.”

Datamatic’s integrated solution allows utilities to check their entire distribution system for leaks daily and be notified of issues via a Mosaic mesh network or Roadrunner Mobile collection platform.

“I can’t overemphasize the value of immediate detection,” added Sanders. “The difference between finding and repairing a leak after one day and finding it via traditional sounding methods, which can take years, can literally mean saving millions of gallons of water.”

Permalogs are deployed throughout the distribution system, attaching magnetically to valves. They “wake up” and listen for leak noise when ambient sound is at its lowest levels, which typically occurs in the middle of the night. Advanced algorithms discern the acoustic signature of leaks from background noise. Once leaks are identified, data is collected via a Mosaic mesh network, Roadrunner Mobile or handheld that is simultaneously performing normal AMR reading operations and analyzed using a Digital Leak Correlator. This process calculates the leak’s location. Once given precise location information, repair crews can quickly find and efficiently repair leaks.

Source: Datamatic, Ltd.