Advitam Wins 2007 VINCI Award

Jan. 21, 2008
Advitam's PRMS software wins award in Processes and Techniques category

Advitam’s Pipe Risk Management System (PRMS) software, a computer-based management system to optimize water supply pipe system maintenance, is the winner of the 2007 VINCI Innovation Awards Competition in the Processes and Techniques category.

PRMS is a management system for large PCCP pipes, offering managers a way to act before problems arise. This computer-based system manages risk via four types of data: inventory of the network coupled with a GIS, environmental data, operation data, and inspection and monitoring data allowing the user to determine the actual condition and rate of deterioration of pipes.

PRMS has been implemented in different areas of the world, but the major project reference is Libya’s Great Man-made River, the largest underground water pipeline system in the world, with 2,500 miles of pipes. Since the implementation of the PRMS system on phase 1 of the project, no failure has been observed.

The system has considerably reduced maintenance costs, ensuring continuity of service and avoiding human and ecological damage.

In the jury’s explanation of their decision, they said they liked "the fact that this innovative solution was taking into account ecological, human and financial aspects, illustrating the technological excellence of Advitam's team."

VINCI, a concessions, construction and related services group, launched the VINCI Innovation Awards Competition to encourage its 142,500 employees to develop their own--and the group's--creative potential. Over 2,500 employees, representing the full range of the group's business lines, took part in the 2007 competition, entering 1,083 projects.

The full list of winners is available at: press-releases.htm?OpenAgent&20071204-2200.

Source: Advitam