EcoNova Wins National Contracts Worth Over $10 Million

Nov. 29, 2007
General manager attributes success to the EcoNova's MembraneSafe technology

Australian company EcoNova announced this week it has secured more than $10 million in contract wins from Tasmania to Palm Island.

The company’s MembraneSafe technology has secured contracts with Tasmania’s Clarence City Council, Sydney’s Gordon Golf Club, the Horizon Shores development on the Gold Coast and for the redevelopment of FarNorth QLD’s Palm Island’s sewerage treatment plant.

General Manager Christian Uhrig said he was delighted that the technology continued to win contract awards across Australia and believes this is thanks to EcoNova’s focus on high-end recycling of water, rather than conventional treatment.

“Our systems recycle grey and black water to the highest Class A+ in a three-staged, triple-barrier disinfection process,” Uhrig said. “The first phase uses naturally existing bacteria (brought along with the waste) to create a biomass, which digests the solids and almost completely eliminates sludges—a big advantage and huge cost and energy saving.”

“The MembraneSafe technology then filters the SafeWater through micro-fine membrane filters, which remove all solids, bacteria, viruses, organisms and contaminants from the water. The third and final stage further eliminates any potential contamination with rather small doses of UV light and some residual chlorine for long-term storage.”

The projects are all well on their way, with three of the four commissioned before the end of this financial year.

The Clarence City Council has awarded EcoNova the contract to replace Hobart International Airport’s secondary treatment plant, the council’s lagoons in Cambridge and the Barilla Caravan Park lagoon system. The facility will link to the recycled water irrigation network serving local golf courses and Westland Nurseries.

Sydney’s Gordon Golf Course has enlisted EcoNova to establish a major sewer-mining project facilitating new irrigation for the golf course, and the new sewerage treatment plant at the Gold Coast’s Horizon Shores Marina development will also incorporate a wash down recycling system.

Source: Fresh P.R.

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