Double Celebration for SPP Pumps

Nov. 14, 2007

SPP Pumps, Ltd. has been awarded Technical Innovation of the Year for their Lowest Life-Cycle Cost Series of vertical suspended bowl pumps. These pumps offer a major benefit over more traditional centrifugal pumps, as they can be mounted directly over a sump without the necessity of complex priming systems, with considerable space and cost savings.

Usage of such pumps however has been limited, owing to the perceived difficulties associated with maintaining these pumps, when compared to other more standard centrifugal pumps.

SPP Pumps decided to address this key issue and provide the market with a reliable, easily maintainable Vertical Suspended Bowl Pump, which has proved more successful than they could have imagined.

“We are thrilled to have won the innovation of the year award. Innovation is not something that comes easy; it requires the right environment and talent to convert embryonic ideas into something with real practical value” said Graham Terry, communication director of SPP Pumps. “We are particularly pleased that the innovation for which we gained the award addresses a traditional business application where innovation is less frequent and which, in this case, adds features that make our vertical turbine products more efficient, more durable and easier to maintain and, as a consequence, delivers to customers Lowest Life-Cycle cost. This award really belongs to our whole ‘Water’ team whose enthusiasm and skills converted an idea into reality.”

The second award for SPP went to Hollins for Young Pump Engineer of the Year (pictured). In December 2005, Hollins became a team leader responsible for five engineers and draughtsmen. During 2006, his primary project was the development of the Lowest Life-Cycle Cost range of high efficiency water pumps. Hollins has also been involved in a ‘Young Enterprise’ project at a local school and mentors ‘Year In Industry’ students.

SPP are keen to raise the profile of engineering as a career choice and work closely with local schools, colleges and universities. Recruiting apprentices, graduate trainees and securing talented engineering resource via scholarships, enables them to regularly add to their base of skilled and dedicated staff.

Hollins' award is a testament to SPP’s staff development programme and the hard work and commitment of the individuals involved.

“Although unexpected, it was a great honour to be presented with the award of Young Pump Engineer of the Year. The award is a great way for me to recognize the support and training which SPP have invested in me over the last few years” said Hollins.

Source: SPP Pumps, Ltd.