ERP Software Saves the Day

Nov. 27, 2007
A California water treatment plant gains a greater understanding of its operational procedures through ERP software.

Toray Membrane USA has put the Infor Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP software) in place at its new water treatment plant in Ponway, Calif.

The software helps plant operators keep track of operational procedures, such as planning, sourcing, manufacturing and delivery. The system also has a workflow system built in, which can create and put in place any controls that were required, helping the plant to become compliant and enhancing operational visibility.

Toray told Consumer Business Review that Infor ERP visual also allows them greater quality control and quality assurance by giving operators greater insight into plant operations. By giving operators a more detailed view of these operations, the system allows them to discover the source of any problems and solve those problems before they snowball into larger issues.

The software has also provided Toray with the opportunity to consolidate its accounting.

Source: Consumer Business Review