Koch Membrane Systems Provides Potable Water System to Tate-Monroe

Nov. 8, 2007

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a developer and manufacturer of membranes and membrane systems, has been selected to provide reverse osmosis (RO) equipment under a contract with the Tate-Monroe Water Association of Ohio for its US 52 Water Treatment Plant. The project, which was awarded to the Burgess & Niple engineering firm, will provide potable water from a groundwater source in a bedrock aquifer. Dugan & Meyers Construction Company of Cincinnati, OH will be conducting all site, concrete work and process equipment installation.

Burgess and Niple selected a two-train MegaMagnum RO system from KMS. Each train is configured in a 4:2 array that includes six 18-inch diameter vessels with five elements per vessel.

“Tate-Monroe originally piloted 4-inch diameter FLUID SYSTEMS TFC-S elements from KMS, and the final system will use the same TFC-S membrane in an 18-inch diameter element,” said Alden Whitney, Sales Director Water and Wastewater. “The system is scheduled for startup in early 2008.”

Source: Gray & Rice Public Relations