Danfoss Drives Offers Harmonic Mitigation Solutions

Oct. 16, 2007

Milwaukee-based Danfoss Drives has engineered a new active filter solution to virtually eliminate harmonic distortion in water and wastewater applications, thus maximizing grid capacity and system efficiency and reliability. The company introduced its new technology at booth No. 3213, and demonstrations of this variable frequency drive solution and others like it will be available throughout the show.

The use of variable frequency drives in the water and wastewater sector is increasing exponentially due to their ability to deliver up to a 25% energy efficiency boost. These drives, however, can cause harmonic distortion to power grids. It is vital to operational performance and efficiency that industry professionals address the distortion.

"Harmonic mitigation is known to the water and wastewater sector but primarily based on 18-pulse transformers and passive filter options," said Henrik Gedde Moos, director for Danfoss Drives. "These options have a number of limitations and can only mitigate harmonies at the individual drive in a static set of conditions, and they will not improve system efficiency."

Danfoss Drives' active filter solution, engineered to mitigate harmonics to a lower level than passive and 18-pulse options from any point of installation, is different, according to Moos. "The active filter will adapt to and perform in a dynamic set of conditions with variations in the installation while improving the power factor and canceling harmonic distortion for significantly improved grid capacity, efficiency and reliability," he said.

Danfoss Drives will present a technical paper on this topic as well. The "Harmonic Mitigation in the Water and Wastewater Industry by Active Filters" seminar will take place in room 7A at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16. This paper reviews the most practical harmonic mitigation solutions for applications that use adjustable frequency drives. An incorporated water and wastewater industry case study supports Danfoss Drives' case that active filters are the most flexible, efficient and readily integrated harmonic distortion mitigation option.

For more information, visit booth No. 3213 or www.danfossdrives.com.

Source: Danfoss Drives