Water Treatment Facilities Are Testing EnviroClean's ECT-2000: A Safe Alternative to Chlorine for Waste and Drinking Water Purification

Dec. 28, 2000

Municipal water treatment facilities have scheduled pilot programs to test ECT-2000, a safe new product developed for water purification.

Municipal water system managers and engineers are now being briefed on the benefits of ECT-2000 as a replacement for chlorine and offered the opportunity to test the product at their own treatment centers to confirm its efficacy and safety, according to Douglas Smith, Chief Operating Officer of EnviroClean Technologies.

"Using ECT-2000 is a win-win situation for water treatment facilities, it's safe, effective and very economical. Current alternatives are prohibitively expensive," said Doug Smith who has been involved in all aspects of water treatment and purification for over 20 years. He also advised the Russian government after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

ECT-2000, recently developed by EnviroClean Technology, has all the antimicrobial benefits of chlorine without any of its health and environmental hazards. It has been extensively tested by several environment-testing laboratories and found to be non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, non-corrosive, and odorless.

The product is now in the final stage of being tested and certified by the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation). "ECT-2000 is a extremely safe and effective product for disinfecting waste water and drinking water," says Dr. Daniel L. Hetrick, head of research and development for EnviroClean Technologies.

SOURCE: EnviroClean Technology

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
All images courtesy of Ecosorb.