Wonderware and Siemens Moore Extend License Agreement

Aug. 13, 2011

Wonderware Corp., a leading supplier of industrial automation software, has extended its software licensing agreement with Siemens Moore Process Automation Inc. through Jan. 15, 2007.

Under the terms of the agreement, Siemens Moore will continue using components of Wonderware's FactorySuite software for their APACS+

ProcessSuite process automation software package and the Process Supervisor batch manager.

"I'm delighted with today's announcement," said Joe Cowan, president and chief executive officer of Wonderware. "The combination of Wonderware and

Siemens Moore has been a proven winner in the marketplace. Wonderware looks forward to building upon this outstanding working relationship."

"Extending Siemens Moore's license agreement with Wonderware assures the company's global customers of ongoing support and functional enhancement of ProcessSuite and Process Supervisor," said Don Bogle, president of Siemens Moore.

Headquartered in Spring House, Penn., Siemens Moore Process Automation Inc. is a global leader in providing innovative solutions for process automation challenges and is the operational center of Siemens' process automation business in North America.

Wonderware, an independent operating unit of the Invensys Software Systems (ISS) Division of Invensys plc., is a leading supplier of industrial automation software.

Source: Wonderware

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