New Hach Co. White Paper Defines Lean Operations for Water, Wastewater Industry

July 29, 2011
Four key organizational practices make up the report

Hach Co. has released a new white paper, “Lean Operations for the Water and Wastewater Industry,” outlining an entirely new and modern approach to lean practices that help water and wastewater organizations increase their efficiency and become more productive.

The foundation of the new approach is based on practices that were born out of the manufacturing world, but can virtually be applied to any industry today as the same principles hold true: to systematically identify and eliminate wasteful elements in processes until an organization is executing its purpose at the highest level possible.

Lean Operations for water and wastewater is intended to help utilities drive even more efficiencies from day-to-day operations, while creating the lean sustainability needed to deliver the highest level of service over the long haul. Its central concern is minimizing inefficient efforts and resources and to leverage new technology and processes to modernize the industry.

The four tenets of the report are: taking a holistic approach to operations, creating a culture of lean, automating manual processes and achieving lean sustainability.

Source: Hach Co.

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