Vermont Chooses UV Pure Technologies to Help Meet Regulations

Aug. 2, 2011
Approximately 30 schools and daycare facilities are using UV systems as a safety barrier against dangerous pathogens

UV Pure Technologies was approved by the state of Vermont to provide UV Disinfection systems to approximately 30 schools and daycare facilities throughout the state.

State officials allocated sums from the Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund for schools to use to replace the existing, under-performing UV Disinfection equipment with the new Hallett model UV Disinfection systems from UV Pure Technologies.

Each school now has at least one system in place. The system is the primary barrier and the second system mainly stays offline and would serve temporarily as the secondary barrier. The replacement systems have been operational for at least six months and are performing extremely well on all levels.

A benefit is that water-softening equipment was not needed at the front end of the treatment process to protect the UV systems. That factor, combined with the fact that all of the Hallett systems are self-cleaning, significantly reduced the schools’ labor costs.

Source: UV Pure Technologies