Wachs Water, PICA Join to Accelerate Metallic Pipeline Inspection Technologies

July 22, 2011
Alliance aims to help utilities better manage aging water distribution infrastructure

Wachs Water Services and Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis Corp. (PICA), announced that a strategic alliance has been formed based on a shared vision of helping utilities better manage aging water distribution infrastructure.

The alliance will develop and deploy specialized metallic pipeline inspection technology solutions through collaborative research and development, manufacturing and marketing.

With an estimated 240,000 water main breaks each year in the United Stated alone, it is becoming critical for utilities to determine the actual condition of metallic water mains to proactively reduce breaks and improve cost effectiveness of water main repair, lining or replacement programs.

The aligned offering of Wachs Water and PICA will provide water system operators and owners the ability to extend the reliable life expectancy of water pipelines.

PICA technologies can be applied to either distribution or transmission mains and provide accurate measurements of the remaining wall thickness of the pipeline. The patented technologies travel through the inside of a water main and use an electromagnetic field that can both detect and size graphitization, pitting, erosion and cracks—even through liners, scale and tuberculation.

PICA’s metallic pipeline assessment Hydrasnake portfolio offers strong synergies with Wachs Water in-line leak detection and pressurized main CCTV offerings, the LDS1000 and Investigator.

Both companies will be showcasing their latest water main inspection technologies at the American Society of Civil Engineers Annual Pipelines Conference in Seattle, Wash., this Saturday.

Source: Wachs Water Services