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U.S. Water Prize Winners Webinar Series
August 31, 2011, 2 to 3 p.m. ET.
The city of Los Angeles is the first of five 2011 U.S. Water Prize Winners profiled in this webinar series. Sponsored and administered by the Clean Water America Alliance, the United States Water Prize Program is a celebration of sustainable solutions that advance holistic, watershed-based approaches to water quality and quantity challenges.
Speaker: Adel Hagekhalil, P.E., BCEE
Adel Hagekhalil is a registered civil engineer with the state of California and a national board-certified environmental engineer.
To register, visit http://video.webcasts.com/events/pmny001/viewer/index.jsp?eventid=39294.

Linear Construction – Storm Water Compliance for Road and Utility Construction
Sept. 13, 2011, 2 to 3 p.m. ET.
This webinar will cover the unique erosion and sediment control needs for road and utility construction. Topics covered will include erosion and sediment control for utility construction, road construction, slope stabilization, vegetation, inlet protection, check dams, dust control and more.
To register, visit http://video.webcasts.com/events/pmny001/viewer/index.jsp?eventid=39206.

Corix Water Systems Webinar: How Design-Build Innovation is Tackling Yukon Wastewater Challenges
, Archived ON DEMAND
For 30 years, Dawson, a city in the Yukon Territory, Canada, has treated wastewater with primary screening, pumping it into the Yukon River. Due to potential environmental issues, the court sanctioned the implementation of secondary wastewater treatment in 2003. Corix was chosen to provide an innovative solution for upgrading the system.

Storm Water Solutions/Stormwater USA Webinar Series – BMP Maintenance: Don't Get Caught With Your Fence Down!, Archived ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Laurie Dermers, co-founder and managing director of StormwaterUSA.com, is a civil engineer with 20 years of construction project management and storm water compliance experience.

Storm Water Solutions/Stormwater USA Webinar Series – Track-Out: Construction's Most Common and Costly BMP Violation, Archived ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Laurie Dermers, co-founder and managing director of StormwaterUSA.com, is a civil engineer with 20 years of construction project management and storm water compliance experience.

Webinar on Stormwater Solutions/Stormwater USA – Storm Water Compliance on a Construction Site…What Everyone Should Know, Archived ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Cheryl L. Moore, owner of Moore Consulting. Moore is a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Trainer for the FDEP, and is a licensed continuing education provider through the Department of Professional and Business Regulation and the Board of Professional Engineers.

AMTA/WWD Webinar on Split-feed Nanofiltration, Jupiter, Fla., Archived ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Paul Jurczak, manager, town of Jupiter

Webinar on Layne Christensen -- The Impact of Hydrophilic PTFE Fibers on MBR Performance, Archived, ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Jason C. Boyd, national marketing manager – wastewater, Layne Christensen Co., Water Systems Technology Group

AMTA/WWD Webinar on Groundwater Replenishment Project, Orange County, Calif., Archived, ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Mehul Patel, P.E., principal process engineer for the Orange County Water District

AMTA/WWD Webinar on Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Facility - Archived, ON DEMAND
Facilitator: John E. Balliew, P.E., vice president of El Paso Water Utilities

AMTA/WWD Webinar on Tampa Bay Seawater Desalination Plant, Tampa Bay, Fla. - Archived, ON DEMAND
Facilitator: Christine Owen, water quality assurance officer for Tampa Bay Water

Increasing usable land area with underground storage and manufactured treatment devices - Archived, ON DEMAND
Presented by Joe Miskovich from Triton Stormwater Solutions and Lance Hoff from Royal Environmental Systems

Pressure Sewer Design:
The Key Elements Toward Saving Time and Money for Your Customers Presented by E-One Sewer Systems

Sewer Flow Monitoring that Saves Time and Resources
Presented by Hach, Marsh McBirney – A Hach Company Brand and Sigma

Optimizing Energy Management with an Energy Action Plan
Presented by Water & Wastes Digest and Schneider Electric

Membrane Filtration Systems (MF and UF) Basics
Presented by AMTA, Aqua-Aerobic Systems and Water & Wastes Digest

Seawater Desalination Using Membrane Technology
Presented by AMTA

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