Ultraviolet Sciences Launches New Business Name

July 14, 2011
The San Diego-based company is now doing business as NeoTech Aqua Solutions

Ultraviolet Sciences Inc., which has specialized in the research and development of high-efficiency UV systems since 2002, is now doing business as (DBA) NeoTech Aqua Solutions Inc. from its headquarters in the high-technology district of Sorrento Valley in San Diego.

In addition to the DBA, NeoTech Aqua has recently appointed two career water treatment professionals: Stephen Dunham, the company’s new president and CEO; and Larry Pelegrin, the company’s vice president of global business development.

NeoTech Aqua Solutions specializes in high-efficiency UV systems for disinfection and reduction in water treatment plants. Since 2002, it has developed multiple innovative technologies and secured patents on UV technologies that reduce power consumption and operational costs by up to 90% compared to standard UV systems.

Source: NeoTech Aqua Solutions Inc.