Severn Trent Water Procures Nitrification Toxicity Monitors

June 28, 2011
Monitors give water and sewage utilities early warnings of toxicity

Water Innovate, a subsidiary of Bluewater Bio Intl., is pleased to announce the sale of two of its N-TOX instruments to Severn Trent Water. N-TOX is a patented toxicity monitor used for detecting nitrification inhibition events in wastewater treatment facilities, which can lead to inadequate treatment performance and discharges to the environment with high ammonia concentrations.

Severn Trent Water recently experienced nitrification issues at their Strongford Wastewater Treatment plant due to the illegal action of a business customer discharging toxic industrial effluent into the sewerage network.

Using the meter for toxicity monitoring will enable water and sewage utilities to have an early warning of such events and give precious time for proactive interventions to remove or reduce the impact of such events on the wastewater treatment process and the receiving water environment.

The monitor is capable of measuring nitrous oxide off-gases from a variety of wastewater treatment processes including activated sludge, sequencing batch reactors, industrial continuously stirred bioreactors and trickling filters. The data generated can be used for both toxicity monitoring and quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment processes.

Source: Water Innovate, a Bluewater Bio Co.

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