Elster Showcasing Breakthrough Advanced Water Meters at ACE11

June 10, 2011
Advanced metering technology aims to modernize water infrastructure

Elster announced that several advanced metering solutions will be highlighted at ACE11 in Washington, D.C. Elster's smart metering technology aims to deliver the improved measurement accuracy, performance and operational efficiencies required to modernize water infrastructures around the world.

Elster has demonstrated its innovation by developing advanced metering solutions that already comply with "lead-free" initiatives, specifically the California Assembly Bill 1953 (AB1953) and for the future, the National Science Foundation's NSF-61 Annex F.

As a pioneer in the manufacturing of polymer-bodied water meters, Elster has installed more than 2.5 million polymer meters across the globe. These meters meet the AB1953 and NSF-61 Annex F standards.

A number of other types of Elster water meters, including its low-lead bronze model C700, are also AB1953 and NSF-61 Annex F certified. In addition, the company offers a portfolio of stainless-steel, epoxy-coated ductile-iron and polymer-lined product offerings designed to meet no-lead directives.

"Our ongoing commitment to developing innovative, forward-thinking metering solutions continues to drive Elster forward in the worldwide water utility market," said Thomas Gwynn, president, Elster AMCO Water Inc.

"The Elster products on display at ACE11 represent some of the industry's most revolutionary breakthroughs, empowering water utilities to update infrastructure and offer new customer services with advanced metering technologies," Gwynn added.

Source: Elster

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