U.S. Water Prize Ceremony Honors Leaders In Sustainability

May 10, 2011
From Los Angeles to New York City, water officials recognized for environmental water solutions

In a ceremony attended by 200 water leaders, the Clean Water America Alliance presented the 2011 U.S. Water Prize Monday to Los Angeles, Milwaukee Water Council, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, New York City Department of Environmental Protection and Pacific Institute officials.

In its inaugural year, the prize has become a unifying star for the water sector. Multiple engineering firms and water service businesses have joined forces to sponsor the award.

“In many parts of the country the writing is on the wall, water challenges are reaching near crisis proportions,” noted Chair of the Clean Water America Alliance Dick Champion. “Having a prestigious award draws attention to an array of solutions.”

Source: Clean Water America Alliance

Photo 19983400 © Marcnorman | Dreamstime.com
Photos by Jennifer Bakker/Jenns Breathtaking Moments.