Ashland Officials Bring Water Treatment Technology to Aquatech China

May 10, 2011
Company experts will showcase water clarity products in Shanghai in June

Ashland Hercules Water Technologies, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., will participate in the Aquatech water show in Shanghai on June 1–3, 2011. The company will feature products that provide clarity and quality to cloudy water that is most often associated with turbidity from solids, metals and other impurities.

Ashland will feature its Chargepac coagulants, a family of products that typically uses two or more chemistries to improve the clarification of fresh water and wastewater over a broad range of conditions.

Also highlighted at the show will be Antispumin defoamers, Polystabil scale inhibitors, Drewplus defoamers, DrewFloc and Praestol flocculants and Amersep metal precipitants for wastewater treatment applications.

Wastewater treatment professionals will be able to visit with Ashland experts and discuss the advantages of these and other products at the show.

Source: Ashland Inc.