Texas Water District Officials to Install Large Capacity Hypochlorite Generators

May 9, 2011
Upper Trinity officials treat up to 70 million gal of water per day

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District, located north of Dallas, will be changing its potable water disinfection technology to use Process Solutions Inc.’s MicrOclor hypochlorite generators. District officials have purchased three systems, each offering 2,000 lb per day of free available chlorine capacity, for a total capacity of 6,000 lb per day. These systems will add to the company’s growing list of large-capacity hypochlorite installations. Hypochlorite generation uses salt, water and electricity to generate a dilute bleach solution on site, eliminating the storage and transport of hazardous chlorine chemicals and offering an expected operational cost savings over bulk delivered hypochlorite.

The new systems are being installed at the Thomas E. Taylor Regional Water Treatment Plant in Lewisville, Texas. This facility is able to treat up to 70 million gal per day of finished water. District officials provide treated water on a wholesale basis to cities, towns and utilities in Denton County and portions of Dallas and Collin Counties. The systems are now onsite and installation is expected to be complete in late Spring 2011.

Source: Upper Trinity Regional Water District; Process Solutions Inc.