Dow Water & Process Solutions Updates Ion Exchange Resin

March 8, 2011
Improvements to DOWEX MARATHON C10 include changes in particle size and color

Dow Water & Process Solutions announced improvements to its DOWEX MARATHON C10, an ion exchange resin that can be used for the removal of contaminants from water in industrial water demineralization, condensate polishing and softening.

DOWEX MARATHON C10 strong acid cation exchange resin is a uniform particle size resin. According to the company, the uniform particle size beads exhibit more uniform exhaustion, regeneration and backwash compared to conventionally sized resins. The higher level of crosslinking in DOWEX MARATHON C-10 resin also shows stability to compressive, osmotic and oxidative stresses.

Improvements to the resin include a reduction in mean particle size, increasing resin kinetic performance by 15%. This results in improved operating capacity and more efficient regenerations. The company also added a darker resin color to allow for visual monitoring and confirmation of separation from the anion resin in mixed beds, resulting in shorter rinse times and higher polished water purity.

Source: Dow Water & Process Solutions