Schneider Electric Announces Production Energy Optimization Solution

Feb. 17, 2011
Solution enables measurement and analysis of energy consumption to maximize industrial processes
Solution enables measurement and analysis of energy consumption to maximize industrial processes

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, announced its Production Energy Optimization (PEO) solution. An energy management and analysis tool for energy-intensive industrial processes, the solution reduces energy consumption per unit of production while making it more predictable for forecasting purposes. PEO is an EcoStruxure solution, Schneider Electric’s energy management architecture, which leverages the process domain of its PlantStruxure automation solution for industrial facilities and the intelligent monitoring and control of its automation and power management products.

Through Schneider Electric’s production management software, Ampla, in conjunction with its power and energy management software, PowerLogic ION Enterprise, PEO provides a comprehensive view of production energy intensity for an industrial facility. It incorporates all forms of energy consumption into a single value for reporting and analysis, giving the energy manager the visibility needed to build an energy consumption model, determine how much consumption is required per unit of production and adjust processes to reduce it.

The system also offers real-time visualization of key performance indicators, empowering production staff and management to monitor performance based on predefined targets. The Site Energy Overview feature of PEO compares energy intensity of the entire facility, including processing areas, mining areas and services such as lighting, HVAC and water distribution, in order to identify areas exhibiting the highest intensity. These key performance indicators also can be analyzed and compared over a specific time period, such as a day or week.

The compilation of energy forecasts provided can be used to balance energy demand with production forecasts to honor peak demand threshold limits, thereby reducing utility costs. This forecast also can be used to detect energy events during which the forecast is exceeded, and allows the energy manager to analyze those events to diagnose and eliminate them.

The PEO solution is suitable for a variety of industries with energy-intensive processes, such as grinding, crushing, milling and heating and cooling, many of which are employed in the mining and metals processing and glass fabrication industries.

Source: Schneider Electric