McCarthy Begins Water Treatment Project in Texas

Feb. 14, 2011
Company will construct new buildings and install ozone generation equipment

McCarthy Building Co, Inc., a Texas builder, recently started work on a project for North Texas Municipal Water District constructing new ozone facilities for the existing water treatment plant in Wylie, Texas.

The $112-million project will include the installation of ozone generation equipment and construction of two buildings to house the equipment. McCarthy also will install liquid oxygen storage and feed equipment, which will supply oxygen for ozone generation.

“Water is a precious resource especially in this part of the country, and this project assists in providing residents access to the drinking water they need,” said McCarthy project director Stephen Gotschall. “With 25 years of experience working on large water treatment facilities, McCarthy is a great fit for this challenging project.”

The ozonation treatment process is an advanced oxidation process that reduces disinfection byproducts and taste and odor compounds. As part of the project, McCarthy will construct 11 ozone contactors and install sidestream injection systems and ozone-quenching and filter backwash chemical feed systems. The firm also will construct modifications of two sedimentation basins to facilitate high-rate sedimentation and new residuals collection equipment, as well as modifications to existing plant chlorine gas and ammonia feed systems and updates to the existing high-voltage electrical substation and site electrical distribution.

The current water treatment facility has a capacity to treat 770 million gal of water per day and serves more than 1.6 million residents in northern Texas. The engineer on the project is Black & Veatch of Dallas. The project is scheduled for completion in January 2014.

Source: dBusinessNews