WaterRF Initiates Research on Perchlorate Treatment Technologies and Regulations

Feb. 3, 2011
Foundation plans informational workshops upon completion of study

The Water Research Foundation (WaterRF) is funding a special project to assess the current state of science related to perchlorate treatment technologies and regulations in the United States. The foundation’s new research anticipates new regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulating perchlorate in drinking water.

Perchlorate is a chemical primarily used in the manufacturing of explosives and rocket propellants for the defense and aerospace industries. Low levels of ammonium perchlorate also have been found to occur naturally in the environment. Perchlorate contamination is becoming a widespread concern as sources of such contamination continue to be identified and more sensitive analytical methods are developed that can detect this compound in soil, groundwater and surface water.

WaterRF’s Rapid Response Project, titled “State of Science on Perchlorate Treatment Technologies and Regulations,” will be conducted by Dr. Geno Lehman, P.E., and Dr. Arun Subramani, both from MWH Americas Inc. The study is scheduled to be completed in April 2011. Once finalized, WaterRF will host two informational workshops for subscribers.

“It is crucial that EPA’s new regulations pertaining to perchlorate be based on sound science,” said Rob Renner, executive director of WaterRF. “The research we are initiating will help establish a solid benchmark of the current state of the science and existing regulations from which EPA and other interested parties can make informed decisions.”

Source: Water Research Foundation