Muskegon County Wastewater Management System Seeks Utility-Scale Wind Developers

Jan. 28, 2011
System hopes to find company to install wind project on its property

The law firm of Howard & Howard Attorneys represents the Muskegon County (Mich.) Wastewater Management System (MCWMS), which announced today that it is seeking proposals from utility-scale wind developers interested in siting a project on 11,000 acres of MCWMS property near Lake Michigan.

Rodger Kershner and Jon Kreucher of Howard & Howard, who both specialize in the firm's energy and utilities practice, were selected by the MCWMS to solicit proposals from reputable wind developers. Kershner and Kreucher will offer advice and guidance during subsequent deliberations.

"The site offers several features that could be of interest to wind developers. For example, the acreage is contiguous and under common ownership, which should help speed the land acquisition and development process," Kershner said. "There are no homes on the site, which means that more area can be used for development than in the typical project. Plus, additional acreage adjacent to the site is believed to be interested in a wind project."

The MCWMS operates an environmentally conscious wastewater treatment facility on the large tract located less than 15 miles from the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. While the treatment facility occupies some of the property, the majority of the approximately 11,000 acres is devoted to farming operations using water and byproducts from the facility. The board and management of the MCWMS have envisioned a wind farm being compatible with its current operations and placed a unit that measures wind speed on the site in April 2010. Initial data suggests that wind resources are compatible with a commercially viable project.

"This will be an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and will support the operation of our regional wastewater treatment facility,” said Mark Eisenbarth, director of the MCWMS. “We have great support from our commissioners and sincere involvement from our local industries to make this project a win-win opportunity for the right developer and our community."

Wind developers who want to receive more information about the Muskegon County opportunity can contact attorney Rodger Kershner through Analysis of proposals received, negotiation with finalist candidates and selection of the successful developer currently is expected to be complete later this year.

Source: Muskegon County Wastewater Management System

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