Hach Introduces New Benchtop Meter and Ammonia Probe

Jan. 13, 2011
Products are designed to increase efficiency and ease of use

Hach Co. announced the expansion of its electrochemistry offering with the new HQd Benchtop meter and IntelliCAL ammonia ion selective electrode (ISE) probe. Designed to accurately test water quality, the Hach HQd benchtop meter and ammonia probe automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history and method settings to minimize errors and set-up time.

The HQd Benchtop meter enhances productivity by allowing easy switching and set-up of multiple smart probes. Advanced technology also provides simplified data transfer through standard USB ports and two-way communication to both PC and lab automation equipment. Additionally, the quick-to-set-up meter and the large, backlit screen make results easier to read.

Hach’s new ammonia probe is designed to provide fast and stable measurements. The electrode’s large reference junction provides more surface area for sample contact. This feature, when combined with a high quality sensor, provides fast, consistent measurements. With this new probe, the HQd system can now test ammonia, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, BOD, ORP and sodium in a variety of rugged and standard options.

“We are excited to be able to provide customers with more options in our HQd family of meters and smart probes, allowing them to set up their testing to best fit their needs and continue to meet regulatory reporting requirements,” said Cameron Moyer, Hach product manager. “The new benchtop HQd meter and ammonia ISE probe expand a product line that’s designed to take the guesswork out of water analysis.”

Source: Hach Co.