General Monitors Introduces New Open Path Gas Detector

Jan. 3, 2011
Detector can monitor methane or propane at utility facilities

The new IR5500 Open Path Gas Detector from General Monitors is the first and only open path detector to meet agency performance requirements on both the LEL meter and ppm meter scales. It is also the industry’s first detector with split range scale for ppm meter and LEL meter monitoring, the first to be certified for operation at -55ºC and is among the first major open path detectors certified to FM approvals, EN and IECEx performance standards.

Outdoor combustible gas leaks pose a significant danger at petrochemical facilities, as well as in electric utility, wastewater treatment and other hazardous operation plants. Leak sources typically include pipelines, valves, tanks, burners, compressors, separators, flare systems, aeration ponds and other equipment. The distributed nature of equipment within large facilities often makes traditional point-monitoring combustible gas detectors either ineffective or cost prohibitive.

The IR5500 Open Path Gas Detector provides continuous monitoring of combustible gas concentrations. The system consists of an IR source and receiver, which continuously monitors for methane in both the zero to 5,000 ppm meter and zero to 5 LEL meter range. Zero to 2,000 ppm meter and zero to 1 LEL meter scales are also available for monitoring propane. The IR5500 provides two 4 to 20 mA analog signals proportional to each of the above ranges, in addition to a digital display and relay contacts.

The IR5500’s advanced infrared sensor technology features a single beam detection design, which improves accuracy and reduces drift. The design of the sensor includes continuous self-check monitoring for failsafe operation. Automatic gain control compensates for dirty optics, rain and fog for higher accuracy and reliability in harsh environments and improved false alarm rejection.

The IR5500 features a built-in display, which simplifies installation and maintenance while reducing the total cost of ownership. It requires no tools for alignment at any range and can be aligned without a scope at 100 meters or more. At installation, technicians simply utilize the IR5500’s integral display and adjustable mounting arms, which also eliminate bulky setup equipment.

Sensor data and status information from the IR5500 can be transmitted up to 9,000 ft to any industrial analog to digital (A/D) converter for use in multipoint computer-based monitoring. Event logging is provided for faults, maintenance, warning and alarm events. The IR5500 is available with HART and Modbus, providing complete status and control capability in the control room.

Source: General Monitors

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