Koch Membrane Systems Showcases Products at ACE10

June 22, 2010

Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (KMS) will showcase its portfolio of products at booth 1616 at AWWA ACE10.

The company’s RO spiral elements, featuring its large-diameter MegaMagnum RO element for use in municipal water and industrial applications, will be highlighted. In addition, KMS will feature its new PURON PLUS packaged membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants for large-scale membrane bioreactor applications.

The MegaMagnum RO systems utilize high area spiral-wound membrane elements, aiming to significantly reduce the complexity, footprint and installation time of municipal and industrial water treatment systems. MegaMagnum systems offer a solution for large-scale industrial and municipal RO and NF applications; such as brackish water desalination; removal of inorganic contaminates (such as nitrates, arsenic and radium); softening, organic removal; water reuse; high-quality process water production; and wastewater recycling.

The PURON PLUS MBR packaged system, a skid-mounted packaged plant, provides customers with a full scope of supply from prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step. The pre-engineered membrane bioreactor plants are available with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 gal per day and feature PURON MBR membrane modules. The PURON MBR modules feature improved membrane density, reduced air scour requirements and simplified installation compared to first-generation MBR membrane module designs.

Source: Water and Wastes Digest