Wachs Water Services Signs Exclusive Agreement with JD7 Pipeline Services

Dec. 10, 2010
Wachs will offer JD7's leak detection and pipeline assessment products

Wachs Water Services (WWS), a service provider to water utilities in North America, announced an exclusive agreement with JD7 Pipeline Services Ltd., a supplier of proprietary leak detection and pipeline assessment technologies. JD7 recently launched a product that provides accurate high quality pipeline condition assessments without taking the lines out of service. Working through fire hydrants, JD7’s Investigator provides high-def images of the insides of pipelines, identifying tuberculation, features, liner condition, laterals and more while simultaneously detecting leaks in the line.

“The Investigator will revolutionize the condition assessment and management of operational assets,” said Cliff Wilson, president of Wachs Water Services. “It is the perfect complement to Wachs’ other services, which focus on the management of valves and operational intelligence—helping utilities effectively run their distribution systems.”

WWS also will offer another solution from JD7: the LDS1000, a leak detection system used on existing transmission lines. It provides a high-def image up to 3000 ft from the point of entry into a pipeline without interrupting service. “The LDS1000 knows exactly where the leaks are and at the same time allows us to assess the condition of the pipeline in terms of tuberculation, liner condition and lateral or valve placement,” Wilson said, adding that the LDS1000 is more cost-effective than current methods available in the industry.

Source: Wachs Water Services