Insituform Awarded Contract for Chilean Mine Project

Dec. 7, 2010
Company will provide Tite Liner system pipelines

Insituform Technologies Inc. announced that United Sistema de Tuberias Limitada, a Chilean subsidiary of its United Pipeline Systems division, was awarded a $10.3 million contract to install its Tite Liner system in mining pipelines at the Minera Candelaria, owned by Freeport-McMoRan Mining Company (FMI), located near Copiapo, Chile. In 2010, FMI has awarded United Sistema de Tuberias Limitada over $16.5 million in contracts, including a $6 million project at El Abra Minera, announced last July.

“It is an exciting year for United Sistema de Tuberias Limitada. Contracts such as this, which is the largest contract award to date for Tite Liner in South America, position United to have another record-breaking year,” said Dorwin Hawn, Insituform’s senior vice president, energy and mining. “Our general manager, Sr. Roberto Ogarrio and his team spent two years working with FMI on the details of this project. We look forward to continuing our relationship with FMI.”

This project will install more than 14 miles of Tite Liner in 24-in. pipelines used to transport sanitary pre-treated water and seawater, marking the largest Tite Liner installation in an aqueduct ever completed. The mine is located in difficult desert and mountain terrain. According to Insituform, the installation of Tite Liner will help preserve and protect scarce water resources at the mine and at the nearby community of Copiapo.

Hatch Engineering is in charge of the design and management of this project and worked with United Sistema de Tuberias Limitada to design the project using Tite Liner as a method to resist internal abrasion and corrosion in pipelines. Work on the project is expected to be completed in March 2011.

Source: Insituform Technologies Inc.