NSF Launches Certification Program for Flushability of Consumer Products

Nov. 22, 2010
NSF Certified Flushable Mark will tell consumers whether products are suitable for sewer or septic systems

NSF International launched a new certification program that provides third-party verification of consumer product claims asserting they can be safely disposed of via toilet flushing. Developed in response to the increasing number of flushability claims on many disposable consumer products, the new NSF Flushable Consumer Products Certification Program can provide a solution to many clogging issues associated with wastewater treatment systems.

The new program addresses consumer products making flushability claims, such as facial tissues, baby/cosmetic wipes, kitty litter, pet refuse bags, disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products.

The comprehensive program evaluates products against rigorous flushability guidelines developed by industry experts called the “The Guidance Document on the Flushability of Nonwoven Consumer Products,” which provides a comprehensive framework and test methods for evaluating flushability characteristics.

NSF International’s Flushable Consumer Products Certification program includes the following steps:

• Manufacturers submit product information and samples to NSF; • NSF tests product samples to ensure they meet the requirements of the guidance document. This testing is conducted using a flushability rig, custom-built to conduct the testing outlined in the guidance document, which includes various drainline slopes, toilets and pipe diameters used in both the U.S. and European plumbing systems; and • NSF inspects the manufacturing facilities to verify that products are being manufactured to approved specifications and adhere to proper safety and quality checks.

NSF certification is granted if all test and inspection requirements are successfully completed. Certified flushable products will bear the NSF Certified Flushable Mark, demonstrating compliance with NSF’s criteria. The mark indicates whether certified products are suitable for a sewer system, septic system or both.

Annual facility audits or inspections and periodic product testing are required to maintain a company’s active listing on NSF’s website and continued use of the NSF mark. This NSF Certified Flushable Mark may also be used on product packaging and marketing materials.

Source: NSF International