BioPetroClean Exhibits New Bioremediation Solution

Oct. 20, 2008
Technology turns wastewater treatment into ecologically friendly process

BioPetroClean’s (BPC) innovative new process for industrial wastewater treatment offers significant improvements over existing solutions.

The new Automated Chemostat Treatment (ACT) creates an output that is virtually sludge-free and can be returned directly into the environment. BPC transforms the treatment of wastewater into a highly efficient, economical and ecologically friendly process.

ACT technology is applicable in numerous wastewater treatment challenges, ranging from oil refineries and storage farms to drilling sites, marine ports, side stream water and reservoirs.

BPC will be exhibiting its new bioremediation solution at WEFTEC.08. Representatives from the company will be hosting daily demonstrations of the new technology during WEFTEC.08, and will be available to address questions and provide any additional information.

Source: BioPetroClean Inc.