Infor Announces New Condition-Based Maintenance Solution for Public Sector

Oct. 22, 2010
Infor Hansen CBM system can help agencies manage assets and avoid fines and penalties

Infor announced the availability of Infor Hansen CBM, a condition-based maintenance solution for public sector agencies. Integrating preventative and predictive maintenance with traditional asset management systems, Hansen CBM enables agencies to extend the life of assets, reduce costs, improve green initiatives, increase productivity, and help ensure regulatory compliance. Powered by Mtelligence, Hansen CBM seamlessly integrates with Infor Hansen Asset Management and other third party asset management applications.

Infor Hansen CBM enables public agencies to respond to shrinking budgets by boosting effective asset management with condition-based monitoring. It also helps them move away from traditional calendar-based maintenance to detect and respond to changes in asset performance as they occur, providing extended asset life, reduced costs to own and operate equipment, decreased unexpected downtime, increased flexibility in capital spending, improved management of existing infrastructure, enhancement of green initiatives and regulatory compliance measures. The system integrates with Infor Hansen Asset Management to streamline the process of equipment repair by triggering automatic work orders to help ensure that assets perform at optimal levels with minimal energy.

“Infor Hansen CBM is simple to implement, and will enable us to immediately take advantage of the benefits of a proactive approach to the maintenance of our infrastructure and equipment,” said Mike Ruhl, senior systems analyst for Little Rock Wastewater. “We anticipate our cost savings should exceed $150,000 for the first year and for that to increase steadily to more than $750,000 during the first five years we are live on the solution.”

“In 2008, the government issued more than $11.8 billion in fines and penalties to agencies that violated regulations and EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] consent decrees,” said Bob Benstead, vice president of public sector for Infor. “Infor Hansen CBM helps ensure compliance with regulations so that agencies can avoid the crippling effects of stiff fines and penalties.”

Source: Infor