ADS Reveals Hykron for Easy Leak Detection

June 22, 2010

ADS LLC will be featuring its Hykron leak listening system at AWWA ACE10. It is a listening device that provides high acoustic sensitivity for checking leak noises at water fittings, hydrants and valves. Powered by technology from Primayer Ltd., the Hykron is simple to use, the company said, and is supported by the U.S.-based ADS Environmental Services for customer service.

“At ADS, our mission is to detect inefficiencies in water transportation,” said Hal Kimbrough, vice president of business development at ADS LLC. “The money lost to leakage is getting worse at a time when money is harder to come by. The Hykron is an extremely cost-effective tool for fighting the battle against leakage.”

The Hykron operates on the principle of detecting acoustic leak noise. As leak noise travels through water and the pipe wall, it can be detected by listening at valves, hydrants or any available fitting on the pipe. The Hykron detects leak noise through its sensitive, built-in electronic sensor. Listening is conducted via the headphones with an extension rod and magnetic attachment.

This entry-level system provides electronics for improved signal-to-noise ratio, ADS said. The Hykron’s low-cost, sensitive acoustics, easy operation, durable construction and alkaline battery with easy field replacement make it an ideal tool for a water crew’s standard tool chest. It comes packaged in a convenient carry case with handheld electronic sensor; amplifier with belt attachment; extension rods; magnet attachment; and high-quality headphones, according to the company.

The Hykron is one of many new products from ADS in a line of water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement. These instruments form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks.

Source: Water and Wastes Digest