Charles Hilton Elected Vice Chair of National Water Security Panel

Nov. 2, 2010
Hilton is also vice president of National Rural Water Assn.

The National Rural Water Assn. (NRWA), the nation's largest community-based water organization, announced that Charles Hilton was elected vice chair of the Water Sector Coordination Council. The council advises the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security on water sector security policies and priorities. Hilton, who lives is South Carolina, is also vice president of NRWA and general manager of Breezy Hill Water & Sewer.

“I am eager to assume the vice chair of the council. I will continue to advance the security, emergency response capability and resilience of small and rural communities’ water supplies within federal policy,” said Hilton. “Rural water association networks have been the main source of assistance in emergency response in small and rural communities. Rural water technicians were the lead assistance in Greensburg, Kansas in restoring the drinking water and sanitary sewer service to that tornado stricken small community. And that was the case in the response to the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast where the hundreds of small and rural communities relied on assistance from the local and surrounding state rural water associations for immediate assistance in restoring drinking water and sanitation service.”

Rural water security and emergency response priorities include:

• Making all state emergency response networks operational; • Implementing chemical security plans in all water and wastewater supplies; • Implementing DHS NIMS in all water and wastewater supplies; • Implementing DHS RAMCAP in all water and wastewater supplies; • Networking emergency generators stationed throughout each state; • Implementing mutual aide networks among communities in each state; and • Developing mobile treatment units.

Source: National Rural Water Assn.

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