FreeWave Technologies To Debut IO Expansion Wireless Data Radio Family at ACE.10

June 23, 2010

FreeWave Technologies will be showcasing three new additions to its IO Expansion family that offer several new features for water and wastewater applications at AWWA ACE.10 at Booth #362. The new FreeWave IO Expansion family is ideal for applications in the water purification and wastewater treatment industry, such as measuring and controlling intake pumps, temperature, water levels, flow rates, pressures and chemical levels. The line also is suited for applications in oil and gas automation, agriculture irrigation and monitoring/control markets.

New models and additional enhancements to FreeWave’s IO Expansion family include:
Serial Base: – local IO can be added to any serial equipment or serial wireless network, such as existing non-FreeWave wireless serial networks and existing PLCs or RTUs. Both solutions allow customers to increase the number of IO points without having to upgrade to new hardware.
Radio Base: – provides a wireless base for IO Expansion to any new or existing FGR serial network with up to 60 miles with line-of-sight.
Expansion Module: – offers universally configurable IO expansion to either the Radio Base (FGR2-IO-IOE) or Serial Base (IOEX-4422PC).

Source: Water and Wastes Digest

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Photos by Jennifer Bakker/Jenns Breathtaking Moments.