Accela Inc. to Highlight Asset Management Innovations at ACE10

June 23, 2010

At ACE10, Accela Inc., a provider of Web-based and mobile software applications that streamline critical government tasks, will showcase Accela Automation 7.0 and Accela Mobile Office, the company’s newest Web-based and mobile solutions for costing, parts inventory, maintenance scheduling, inspections and investigations of water, wastewater and storm water systems; treatment plants; utilities; and a range of public works.

Accela will also preview a forthcoming enhanced GIS mapping capability that will allows field-based teams to dynamically update their asset records on the spot in real time, at Booth #1756.

Accela Automation 7.0 provides agency employees—whether working in the office or field—with one point of access for all asset management activities, helping improve efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize the life of public assets. The product features integrated GIS mapping and optimized routing for field-based teams, and integrates easily with existing GIS and SCADA systems for improved data analysis and decision making.

Accela Mobile Office gives field-based workers the data, tools and maps used by back-office staff, in a simple and flexible user interface, eliminating the need for data entry at the office. It has touch-screen capability and built-in routing capability to display the shortest distance between assignments, allowing field-based teams to optimize daily routes for maximum efficiency in time and fuel.

Source: Water and Wastes Digest

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