KTS Wireless Announces New Family of Software-Defined Ethernet Radios

Aug. 19, 2010
SCADA and telemetry applications supported

KTS Wireless has recently announced its new Agility Data Radio (ADR). The ADR family includes three models that offer user-configurable data rates, channel bandwidths and operating frequency. A wide variety of applications are supported including SCADA, video surveillance and broadband wireless Internet access. The radio may be used to create Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint or Simplex networks with priority routing support for voice, video and SCADA traffic. Both Ethernet and RS-232 interfaces are available.

The ADR operates in 145-225MHz, 210-225MHz, 450-470MHz and 470-930MHz licensed spectrum and offers interim support for the new white space, experimental license required, unlicensed spectrum. Extensive online diagnostics are available with the KTS Wireless diagnostic server, which supports proactive troubleshooting and problem reporting. Local and remote network management is provided through a secure shell (SSH) network connection. Remote management is supported over the wireless link and local management is provided through an embedded client accessible with any Internet browser.

“The ADR’s long range fixed frequency agility coupled with data rates of up to 4 Mbps makes this product unique in the today’s marketplace,” said Michael Tuel, director of sales and marketing.

Source: KTS Wireless