Hanson Pressure Pipe Facility Achieves No Lost-Time, Recordable Accidents

July 19, 2010
Company announces two years without lost-time accident, one year without recordable accident at Hattiesburg, Miss., facility

Hanson Pressure Pipe, a concrete and steel pressure pipe manufacturer in North America, announced its achievement of two years without a lost-time accident and one year without a recordable accident at its Hattiesburg, Miss., facility. Hanson Pressure Pipe said it has successfully practiced efficient, innovative and sustainable operation.

“The Hattiesburg facility showcases strong dedication, communication and attention to safety that is continuing to set benchmarks for the facility, Hanson and the industry,” said Mike Leathers, president, Hanson Pressure Pipe.

“Safety has always been a top priority, but it is important to refocus on the basics of safety and find ways to improve,” added Kevin Baas, Hattiesburg plant manager. “A safe plant cannot be maintained by slogans and posters. It takes a commitment from each employee at every level.”

The Hattiesburg facility holds weekly safety meetings within each division and work group. Plant-wide quarterly safety meetings are used to emphasize key safety concerns and to recognize achievements. Luncheons accompanied by prizes, used to honor safety milestones and top safety suggestions, encourage employees to continue best safety practices, the company said.

Hanson Pressure Pipe’s Hattiesburg facility will honor its one-year and two-year accomplishments with a cookout for its 60 employees and their families.

Source: Hanson Pressure Pipe