Arizona Instrument Commended for Jerome 631 and 651 Analyzers

July 11, 2010
Client describes case involving monitoring for hydrogen sulfide gases

Fred Kriess Jr., senior area manager of Severn Trent Services commended Arizona Instrument LLC (AZI) for its promptness and for the effectiveness of the company’s Jerome 631 and 651 analyzers. The need arose quickly, and immediate action was needed.

Kriess described how (AZI) satisfied the company’s needs.

“In response to concerns from one of our neighbors, a major high tech manufacturing facility, we needed to quickly implement comprehensive monitoring for hydrogen sulfide gases around the plant facility,” he said. “Arizona Instruments responded immediately to our request and arranged for prompt delivery and setup of Jerome 631 and Jerome 651 analyzers. Technical support was also prompt and extremely helpful.

“The performance and data we obtained from the instruments was key in helping us to identify and effectively manage our plant processes to avoid any impact on our neighbor. We were pleased with the performance of the rental units and subsequently purchased two 631X units and one 651 fence line monitoring system. Thank you, Arizona Instruments, for going the extra mile in meeting our needs.”

Source: Arizona Instrument