Miox Disinfection Used in Indirect Potable Reuse Project

June 22, 2010
New Project Will Be a ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ System

A New Mexico town has chosen Miox Corp. to head a new indirect potable water reuse project, which would incorporate pipe-to-pipe recycling of wastewater for everything from dishwashing, clothes washing, irrigation, street cleaning and even drinking.

After a drought in 2006 left the small desert community of Cloudcroft, N.M., completely without water, they decided to move away from their existing traditional gas chlorination treatment method to a fully reclaimed, recycled “zero liquid discharge” system. Partially funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, using photovoltaics to provide power to the plant, the reuse system is a trifecta of water conservation, safety and environmental innovation.

After carefully reviewing the disinfection options, Cloudcroft reuse plant supervisor Tom Stewart concluded that Miox was the best disinfection technology to cost-effectively maintain the necessary chlorine residual while also preventing or minimizing organic growth in the distribution line.

“As a water teacher, it’s important for me to keep up with the latest water treatment options,” said Stewart. “I have a long history of successfully working with Miox and knew their technology and experienced staff would be an excellent inclusion in Cloudcroft’s long-term water solution strategy to use 100% recycled water.”

The Cloudcroft reuse system uses a membrane bioreactor, a multi-barrier filtration system, and Miox onsite sodium hypochlorite to treat the wastewater. Natural waters from local sources will be blended in and disinfected with Miox mixed oxidants to better-than-drinking-water standards. With a permanent population of approximately 800 people that can grow to nearly 8,000 during vacation season, Cloudcroft will use a Miox HYPO10 onsite sodium hypochlorite generator that can treat up to 200,000 gal per day at the wastewater treatment plant, and an Ox-Cell mixed oxidant generator that can treat up to 360,000 GPD for final disinfection to drinking water.

Miox’s clean technologies treat water using only salt, water and electricity to generate a dilute disinfectant on site. Creating disinfectant on site is safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible, cutting back transportation requirements, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and eliminating the storage losses and disposal of chemical containers.

Source: Miox