Aquastore Leachate Containment Systems Available

May 21, 2010
Tanks manufactured using glass-fused-to-steel technology

Aquastore leachate tanks are available to protect users’ groundwater source. The tanks are manufactured using glass-fused-to-steel technology--an inert interior and exterior coating that resists corrosion, rendering it able to contain the aggressive and hazardous liquids found in leachate storage facilities.

The company said glass-fused-to-steel technology is ideal in leachate storage, with hundreds of applications in operation. These thanks are impermeable to liquids and vapors, and they control undercutting caused by corrosion.

Federal and state standards require secondary containment when storing leachate. Because leachate is such an unpredictable liquid, Aquastore offers a secondary glass-fused-to-steel tank as an auxiliary line of defense should accidental spillage occur and for recycling excess liquid back to the primary leachate tank.

Aquastore tanks require very low maintenance and never need repainting, the company said. They are flexible in design and can expand to meet users’ needs.

Source: Engineered Storage Products Co.