SolarBee Named a Top 50 Water Company

June 8, 2010
Company recognized by The Artemis Project for second year in a row

SolarBee Inc., a manufacturer of solar-powered water circulation equipment for raw, potable and wastewater reservoirs, was named a winner of the 2010 Top 50 Water Companies Competition, sponsored by The Artemis Project, San Francisco. The competition recognizes innovators who have excelled in key areas of the emerging advanced water technology sector.

SolarBee was selected based on four criteria: technology, intellectual property and know-how, team and market potential.

“SolarBee is extremely pleased to be named to the Top 50 water companies list for the second year in a row,” said Joel Bleth, president and CEO of SolarBee Inc. “Even in this difficult economy, municipalities are faced with difficult water quality problems and regulatory compliance issues. Our solar-powered circulation technology has the ability to significantly improve water quality while reducing the amount of energy and chemicals needed for water treatment. And, we have funding options in place to help municipalities avoid the initial capital expense.”

The solar powered, floating circulators operate day and night with a low-voltage motor and onboard battery system for continuous, energy efficient water quality improvement in all types of reservoirs, the company said. In lakes and raw water reservoirs, SolarBee circulators aim to prevent and control harmful blue-green algae blooms (cyanobacteria).

By actively and completely mixing potable water storage tanks, SolarBee mixers aim to help ensure uniform distribution of disinfectant, eliminate thermal stratification and prevent stagnation and short circuiting. In wastewater lagoons, SolarBee mixers promise to reduce high energy costs, supplying most of the mixing energy required and reducing the hours that the aeration system must operate.

Source: SolarBee

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.