Washington Meeting Focuses on Water's Role in the 21st Century

June 9, 2010
Nalco sponsors Corporate Water Vision 2010

Nalco, providing solutions for water, energy and air, is sponsoring Corporate Water Vision 2010, a gathering in Washington D.C., of corporate, government and environmental experts working to identify solutions to water scarcity and its economic and business impacts.

Water has become an increasingly important issue in parts of the United States and in many areas of the world, as many users compete for limited supplies. The conference will cover a variety of topics including water pricing, policy and infrastructure funding influencing companies. There is also an opportunity for multinational companies to present corporate case studies on successfully dealing with water use and water discharge issues and water sustainability.

The event's keynote speakers are Peter Silva, assistant administrator for Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who will speak on current and forthcoming policies from the Obama Administration on water use, and Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

"Water is a critical part of many industrial processes and in the operation of any manufacturing plant or large building," said Dr. Manian Ramesh, Nalco's chief technology officer. "Looking at how water is used throughout an industrial process from beginning to end helps identify the best solutions to maximize water reuse and recycling that ultimately reduces a facility's water footprint."

Dr. Ramesh is presenting as part of a water sustainability panel, "Assessing Water Reuse and Other Innovative Water Technologies."

"More efficient use of industrial water can reduce the need for new freshwater, leaving more supplies for other uses," Ramesh said. "Nalco's 3D TRASAR cooling water technology, for example, allows industrial and building cooling systems to reuse more water, saving more than 200 billion gal of freshwater since it was introduced."

3D TRASAR technology for cooling water utilizes real-time monitoring, patented control technology, chemistry and information management capabilities that aim for improved scale, corrosion and microbiological performance in cooling systems. It has been recognized with a United States Presidential Green Chemistry Award, which recognizes chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture and use.

Source: Nalco